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The offer type of job, application form

The facilities check staff (regular staff)

Salary 240,000 yen or more
Working hours
08:30-17:30 (break one hour)
※Flex time (duty within an average of 40 a week time) of the one year unit
Holiday, vacation
Basically on Sunday the day (annual holiday 102 days) of + others
Welfare program
・Equipped with various social insurance
・No overtime work D Wednesday
・Transportation expenses total amount supply
・Bonus (twice a year)
・The training system
・Qualification support system
・Bicycle commuting is possible
・Uniform loan
・Employee trip (once in two years/free-for-all)
・Term of trial two months
※I go to Guam Cairns, Ishigakijima, Hawaii until now!
The application over the telephone is possible, too.
Meiko facilities
TEL: 03-3300-8421 (time in weekdays 09:00-17:30)
Please feel free to contact the questions.

Application form

On having you apply

■You read "a privacy policy" on an inquiry about application and the application and apply after an agreement, and please refer.
■The inquiry about the application may take time for an answer. The dispatch, please feel free to contact us over a telephone.
Meiko facilities TEL: 03-3300-8421

About the input is careful

(1) ※The seal is a required item. Please input by all means.
(2) Please input all the katakana with full size.
(3) Please input a phone number (home or cell-phone) to get of the communication into a phone number column by all means.
(4) If input is over, please click "the contents confirmation" under the form.
(5) As contents confirmation screen opens, after confirming input contents, I click "transmission" and am completion.
Division ※required
The name ※required
Example) Taro Yamada
Furigana ※required
Example) Yamada Taro
Zip code
Example) 012-3456
The metropolis and districts
Address, name
Phone number
Example) 012-345-6789 ※A cell-phone is possible
E-mail address ※required

※I reinput it for confirmation
The type of job desired ※required
Desired motive and appeal point/inquiry contents ※required
 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. +81-3-3300-8421
I look forward to the inquiry over the telephone
Meiko facilities
4-1-1, Kasuya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Firefighting equipment construction, check
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