A disaster prevention power
for the future to all of you
The Meiko facilities will send reliable security to all of you with the skill and the professional eyes which I continue polishing.
Representative greetings
Representative greetings
It is Yoshizawa of the Meiko facilities representative director.
We repeated experience and an effort since establishment in 1980 (Showa 55) and tried for the improvement of the check technology.
"Good construction" was possible "good check", and a customer became able to be satisfied now.
You assume that you look after life, property a mission and seem to be satisfied more from now on,
I am devoted still more and will greatly contribute to "disaster prevention power improvement" with an employee.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Business outline
It is the results of 38 years by Firefighting equipment check
We Firefighting equipment construction, check as a master,
I did business from establishment of 1980 steadily for 38 years.
I perform quick and precise check with professional certain eyes,
I do a maid protecting your living, life, property.
Business outline
Business outline
Business outline
Employment information
Do you not work with us? The staff playing an active part in us almost starts from without experience!
I perform education to each person's growth speed!
Employment information
Employment information
Employment information
What's New
Please send a question, the inquiry to us from this casually.